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Cool Memphis Sites

I was surfing the web trying to find information about Memphis, Tennessee the other day and all I could find was the same old boring blah blah blah tourist sites set up by the city government or the pillars of the community or whoever. I was trying to plan a visit in which I could see the city as it really is, not just as it looks in the brochures made by the state. Good luck on most of those sites. I might as well have visited a travel agent. Ech!

So, then I run across this webpage called Memphis Decomposed, and I'm thinking it's about earthworms or the mortuary business or something like that but I think, hey, I'll check it out anyway, I've got a fast internet connection after all.

Well it turns out that the site had exactly what I was looking for. While by no means complete, it gave me an idea of the sort of things that might be running around Memphis off the beaten track.

This is the link to Memphis Decomposed
Memphis Decomposed The only place I can find cool Memphis links
memphis death clock

Look. My point is this. This site Memphis Decomposed seems to be run by a bunch of people who are really in touch with what's really going on in Memphis. If you're planning a trip to the area and don't want to go to Graceland and don't know what else to do, THIS is where you need to go, IMHO.