End the War Against Iraq!
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The time has come to end the U.S. War against the Iraqi people. Here's why:

- There is no solid justification for the war. Sure, the Iraqis are working to develop weapons of mass destruction, but the U.S. already has them and continues to develop them. Remember, the United States is the only country ever to have attacked enemy cities with nuclear weapons. If we can't be trusted with our own weapons of mass destruction, what right do we have to attack another nation because it is trying to develop some of its own?

- Our own government has lied to us about the war. Do you remember the reason that we started bombing Iraq last December? It had something to do with Iraq refusing to cooperate with an inspection team that it said contained agents who were spying for the U.S. Our government denied the accusation, saying it was a ridiculous and unacceptable excuse. When Iraq refused to withdraw its accusation of U.S. spying, the bombings began. Last month, our government admitted that it actually had been using the inspection team to conduct espionage for its own purposes. So why are we still bombing Iraq?

- American bombs are killing Iraqi civilians. According to the government of Iraq, scores of Iraqi civilians have been killed and hundreds others injured in American attacks. Our military refuses to confirm or deny most of these reports, preferring to keep the American public in the dark. However, in one incident that our government has admitted to, an American missile slammed into a purely residential Iraqi neighborhood, killing 12 civilians and seriously injuring many others. Our military leaders refer to this as regrettable but acceptable "collateral damage". If an Iraqi missile exploded in your neighborhood, would you call it "collateral damage", or would you call it terrorism?

- We can't afford to go to war. Even though they often malfunction and hit civilian targets, U.S. bombs and missiles are highly technical, expensive weapons. Some of these weapons cost $1 million a piece. Hundreds and hundreds of these weapons have been fired in the last two months. Just think what we could do with that money if we weren't throwing it away to play with oversized firecrackers.
It's cruel, it's overpriced, it doesn't work, and it's a lie.
The war must end. WE MUST END IT. NOW.